"I have been supported, challenged, and understood every step of the
towards making healthier choices, not just around food and drink
but around
 long held attitudes, self defeating beliefs & negative thought
I have begun to care about my health and my body and I feel
I am slowly 
learning to treat myself with love, not just chocolate!"  Lisa

"This coaching helped me through a very challenging time.  Each session
offered insight, raised questions about habits I’ve developed and how I deal
with certain situations. I learned about my reactions and responses, where
those stemmed from and what voices encourage certain actions. I found it
refreshing that the session didn’t go back to my childhood to address the
issues, but simply raised them in the present day and explored the answer
in my present self. I learned a lot about giving myself space and recognising
my need for self care."  

"Rose really knows her stuff... and my sense is that much of this has come about
through learning from her own personal journey.  In this sense Rose
has a richness
in knowledge that you can't get from books alone, which really
comes across.  I love
Rose's overall curiosity about life and learning, its so
refreshing and I guess a
significant factor in being a great coach."

"Rose listens deeply, you can take anything to her and know she won't get phased.
The sessions gave me a dedicated space to tune into me."

We all go through life changes -
a birth, a death, recovering from an illness or an addiction - change is part of life.  When we face a major change we have a choice - to support ourselves as best we can so we can go with the flow and embrace the changes, or hold our breath and hope like hell things turn out OK.  

There are certain things we can control, even when we're overwhelmed by change - how we look after our bodies, how we manage our emotions, how we deal with stress and how we stay connected to what matters most to us in our lives.

As a Life Changes Coach, I create a supportive environment so that you can create a healthy foundation in your everyday life.  Whatever life changes you're facing, you don't have to face them on your own. As we work together, you will have the time to look, reflect and choose what actions to take. You will overcome blocks and let go of unhealthy patterns and habits, creating space for a new, healthy approach to life.  You will learn techniques that enable you to manage the challenges you're facing, while staying in touch with what makes life worthwhile. 

You know the answers...  Just as you will know whether this work is for you, so you will know what you need to find health and happiness in your life.  As we work together you will learn to listen to yourself.  You will experience a new level of confidence and trust in yourself and will know how to give yourself what you need.  In today's world life changes can be a stressful business, it's time to direct your attention inwards, and find your own unique solutions.

If you're ready for change, get in touch and find out more about Life Changes Health Coaching.

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