"I have been supported, challenged, and understood every step of the way
towards making healthier choices, not just around food and drink but around
long held attitudes, self defeating beliefs & negative thought patterns.  
I have begun to care about my health and my body and I feel I am slowly
learning to treat myself with love, not just chocolate!"  Lisa

"Having this time with Rose is one of the best investments in myself and what's
important to me"  Karen

"Rose really knows her stuff... and my sense is that much of this has come
about through learning from her own personal journey.  In this sense Rose
has a richness in knowledge that you can't get from books alone, which really
comes across.  I love Rose's overall curiosity about life and learning, its so
refreshing and I guess a significant factor in being a great coach."  Kate

Are you ready for change?  Do you dream of eating in a way that gives you energy for life and a love and appreciation of your body?  Do you keep coming up against old habits that hold you back?  Are you ready to commit to your health and happiness? 

Food is a foundation for life. The food we eat impacts our moods, energy levels, clarity of thinking and of course, our weight. How we eat affects how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, our day, our life. Healing your relationship with food enriches all aspects of your life. Are you ready to explore your relationship to food and transform your health and vitality?

As a Health Coach, I create a supportive environment so that you can make the changes you know will make a difference in your life. Whatever your reasons for wanting change, you don't have to do it alone. As we work together, you will overcome blocks and let go of unhealthy patterns and habits, creating space for a new, healthy relationship to food. You will learn techniques that enable you to maintain a fresh approach to eating and allow you to enjoy life to the full.

You know the answers.  Just as you will know whether this work is for you, so you will know what you need to find health and happiness in your life. As we work together you will learn to listen to, and respond to your body.
You will experience a new level of confidence and trust in yourself and will know how to give yourself what you need. You will learn what foods work for you, and how to incorporate health-giving, tasty ingredients into your daily life. In today's world food can be a complex and complicated business. It's time to direct your attention inwards, and find the unique solutions that work for you.

If you're ready for change, get in touch and find out about Life Changes Health Coaching.

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